Shocking Photos Share The Real Plastics Impact on Oceans

The year 2017 saw more than one severe hurricane, which helped lead to the shocking photos presented in October of the same year. Images of the once striking Caribbean Sea, covered in a layer of plastics, were released by a number of different news outlets. This was not shock news, it was our reality. The […]
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Polar bear on ice close to rising warming ocean water.

The Rising Seas: Global Warming and Our Oceans

As global warming wreaks havoc on the environment, temperatures are gradually rising and the sea levels are rising too. Global warming occurs naturally over time, but it is still quite clear that humans are impacting the environment in monumental and very hazardous ways. Global warming has a huge impact on our oceans, and while many […]
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Reclaiming and Recycling Ghost Gear

Ghost gear is an ocean horror that some sea-loving people and organizations are striving to turn into less hazardous and even useful materials. Ghost gear is the term for discarded fishing gear and is an estimated 10 percent of marine trash. Much of it is thrown overboard when ports do not have the capacity to […]
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Top Threats to Our Oceans- Noise Pollution

Jacques Cousteau called the oceans “The Silent World,” but our oceans are getting increasingly noisier. Ambient ocean noise increased an estimated ten-fold from 1950 to 1975. The ocean is not getting any quieter thanks to grinding ship propellers, explosions from oil and gas deposit explorations, and even jet skis. Noise abatement programs have only recently […]
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Top Threats to Our Oceans- Acidification

At Indelible Lifestyles, we believe a healthy environment is a top priority for the well-being of our generation and future ones. We sell and promote products that give back to the community and environment. Based on the beautiful central coast of California, we know how important oceans are for everyone’s enjoyment and livelihood. We feel […]
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Top Threats to Our Oceans – Overfishing

When you love the ocean like we do, it is heartbreaking to read about the various threats impacting our oceans today. One of the ways in which our oceans are threatening comes from overfishing. In basic terms, overfishing means to catch so many fish as to threaten the habitat of marine life. Fishing can be […]
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