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Earth Day: What is it, and how can you participate this year in 4 fun ways?

Earth Day April 22, 2018. Beautiful and clean beach in California

Earth Day: What is it, and how can you participate this year in 4 fun ways?

If you love the ocean and all things eco-friendly as much as we do, then Earth Day is something you have to look forward to. Finally, a day where people get their priorities straight about giving back to the planet that we take so much from every day, right? 

Since the Earth Day Network launched this annual event back in 1970, it has become one of the biggest environmental-protection movements in the world. On Earth Day this year, which is April 22, 2018, one of the main themes is “End Plastic Pollution.”

We think Earth Day is the perfect time to get outside and celebrate the natural resources of our beautiful home. Here are four great ways to make a difference and show your appreciation for the Earth while having fun too:


1. Why not start your own #CoastalCleanUpDay project on Earth Day?

You can make the rules and do it your own way. Then share your adventures in fun selfies on social media! It could take the form of a field trip for your class. It could be a day out for your local club, or you can make it just a fun excuse to do something with your friends.

To give you some ideas, the California Coastal Commission originally started California’s Coastal Clean Up Day, which normally happens in the fall in all but three counties in California! Volunteers collect and recycle ocean debris with the help of this organization to provide supplies and other organizational tools. Last year in September of 2017 was the 33rd annual Coastal Cleanup Day that had 59,154 volunteers. Contact them for ideas if you want to do a big Earth Day cleanup drive in your area.


2. If you’re near Pacifica Beach, then jump into EcoFest on Earth Day after joining their local “Earth Day of Action” cleanup.

The Pacifica Beach Coalition hosts one of the biggest eco-friendly celebrations in California on Earth Day. They lead both beach and neighborhood cleanups that start from Daly City and extend even so far as Half Moon Bay. In 2017, the Pacifica Beach Coalition brought 6,800 volunteers together to clean up almost 2 tons of waste and 0.5 tons of recyclable materials.  

Later in the day, they follow it with the annual EcoFest at Linda Mar State Beach. Here you can grab great food while enjoying live music, seeing eco-booths, joining hands-on kids activities and seeing inspirational environmental speakers too. 


3. Take the car-free challenge for one day. 

The National Ocean Service describes how even air pollution affects the oceans:

Some water pollution actually starts as air pollution, which settles into waterways and oceans. [Plus,] … millions of motor-vehicle engines drop small amounts of oil each day onto roads and parking lots. Much of this too makes its way to the sea.

That’s why going car-free this Earth Day is a great way to help the condition of our air and the ocean at the same time. In fact, many people in New York City went car-free for Earth Day last year. From 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., a total of 30 blocks on Broadway Street was free of all vehicular traffic, allowing only pedestrians and cyclists instead. With the extra space created on the roads, people had a chance to enjoy special dance performances, fitness classes, arts and crafts, sustainability workshops and educational games on display especially for Earth Day.

Challenge your friends to find fun ways to go car-free this Earth Day, and then tell us how it went!  


4. Show off your cool, environmentally friendly swag when you head outside or go to the beach on Earth Day.

Indelible Lifestyles makes it a goal to celebrate Earth Day every day by carrying the coolest brands that create eco-friendly clothes, accessories and surf gear. Support the anti-plastic waste movement this year by getting one of our trendy RAREFORM backpacks made from repurposed billboard material. Check out our Five Oceans ecoFlyer frisbee made from recycled plastics. We’ve even got organic surf wax that’s completely non-toxic to prevent water pollution, rash guards and more in our online shopContact us; we’d love to chat with you.

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